Our Video Crew

Many of our friends contributed in important ways. Feel free to contact the following people for any information about the project.


Sergey is an IT engineer at a financial organization. In his free time, Sergey enjoys creative writing and video recording. In 2003, he created a promotional video for his department. In 2004, Sergey gathered film enthusiasts and friends for production of amateur video How Mike Met Ilona and found that experience emotionally rewarding. In January of 2007, Sergey learned about Maksim Kalashnikov's exciting cross-county bicycle trip and decided to videotape it. Since then, Sergey has become a creative force of the project. He accompanied and videotaped Maksim and his partners during their cycling adventure. Sergey holds a BS degree in Computer Science from Brooklyn College of CUNY. He grew up in Kiev, Ukraine and now lives in Edison, N.J. with his wife and two children.


Riaz grew up in Bangladesh and came to the US at the age of 17. He received his bachelor degree in computer science major/business minor from St. John's University in 2003. After graduation, Riaz worked as a programmer at several investment banks in New York City. At his leisure time, Riaz enjoyed watching movies such as Taxi Driver, God Father, and Scar Face. A coworker and a close friend of Sergey's sister, Riaz often visited her in Edison, NJ. He met Sergey during one of such visits. In 2007, Riaz acted in Trust Your Man, a short video recorded and edited by Sergey. Sergey's idea to videotape a cross-county bicycle trip (a.k.a. VeloVideo Project) intrigued Riaz. He brainstormed early ideas that moved forward the project. On June 24, 2007, Riaz operated the car, from which Sergey video-recorded Maksim Kalashnikov and other cyclists in New York City and New Jersey area.