How to participate in this project?

Here're several ways, in which you can participate. Any contribution (big or small) is welcome because it helps us faster achieve the overall goal of the project.


A. Write for our blog

Share your thoughts and experiences of the riders on our blog. Comment on our videos. We value both positive and negative feedback.


B. Join our video crew

Join us for recording, reviewing, and editing of sound and video. We welcome all forms of collaboration with video enthusiasts because it helps us all become more proficient storytellers and creators of visual images. Don't hesitate to drop us a line via e-mail.


C. Share your work with us

Record videos or photograph Maksim, Devin, John and Troy before, during, or after their cross-continental rendezvous and provide your work to us.


Benefits of sharing your work

The more good material we have to choose from, the more exciting and insightful our final videos will be, and the more people will watch and enjoy them.

We will always give you credit for what you've done, no mater how much of your footage we end up including in the final video.

For example, we use 30 seconds of John Smith's 10-minute footage in our longer video. We will include the following information in the closing titles:


Video Footage by:

Total Time:
30 seconds

Time Offsets:
0 min 45 sec : 15 sec,
1 min 45 sec : 05 sec,
2 min 00 sec : 10 sec.

Contact Info:


We can also provide you with high-quality copies of videos where your work was used.

Our preferred video format:

Frame size: 720 x 480
Video Rate: 29.97 fps
Compression: DV NTSC
Media: MiniDV